Click & Collect FAQ’s


Which account do I send the order out on when I’m the despatching store?

This is to be sent using the store to store account


How do I know this is a collect from store order?

The delivery address will have a c/o and customers name, we will also be sending out to all stores some click and collect stickers to put on the outside of the box so that the receiving store can tell even quicker this is a click and collect.


How do I know the order is complete?

At the moment the receiving/collect store will need to ring the web team to confirm before ringing the customer, however we are investigating changing the labels to say 1 of 1 or 1 of 2 so you will know straight away whether the full order has arrived with you.


Can a customer get a refund on a click and collect order after trying on in store?

Yes the returns policy is exactly the same as it would be for a normal web order.


Has the customer already paid for their order?

Yes the customer pays online, however you have a great opportunity to up sell when the customer is in store.


Do I still need to click the pre notification option?

Yes this is important as this ensures the delivery label has the customers phone number on it for you to contact them with.


Do customers need any proof to collect their order?

They need to bring with them their order confirmation email either printed or displayed on there phone along with some proof of ID such as driving licence, bank card etc.


Is there a specified time period customers have to collect their order?

No, as the customer has paid for the item we will need to hold onto the item for as long as we need to for the customer.